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Located in the Huntington Beach Area, we also service the following communities: Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa, Garden Grove, Westminster, Santa Ana, and Tustin.

A small sample of our loyal customer reviews in Huntington Beach, California

For the last four years Greg has served as our mechanic for our Nissan and Toyota automobiles. He has proven to be the most knowledgeable and honest mechanic I have ever known. He has performed the needed services efficiently and much more reasonably that at any facility I have been to.

My wife and I will be leaving California to assume my new duties as Dean of Admissions at Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas. We are regretting this move in that we feel we will be unable to replace Greg Brown, a real lose for us. If we have our way, we would do our darndest to get Greg to relocate with us. Where he is, Greg will be successful. His handshake and his word is good, qualities which are hard to come by anymore.

David J. Harbeck, Ph. D.
Director of Admissions and Records
I had had the pleasure of knowing Greg Brown for the past two years. He was recommended to me by another satisfied customer. During these years he has taken excellent care of our two parish cars. He is, without question, the best mechanic I have ever come in contact with. His shop is immaculate and he always takes the time to explain in detail what the job entails.

However, the one outstanding reason for my continuing with Greg Brown is the fact that he is a gentleman. His personality is very positive, very pleasant. I would highly recommend this young man for any position he might apply for.

Monsignor E. Paul Raible
Hey thanks for your last work on our Blazer. It is great to walk out in the garage now and not see oil spots on the floor anymore.

Thanks and have a great day

Steve and Cynthia Fought

I wanted to let you know that I bought a new car. I have been looking at and researching small SUVs for several months. There are very few new small SUVs out there, as most have gotten bigger. I narrowed my choices down to two. After test driving the Hyundai Tucson and the Volkswagen Tiguan, I decided on the Tiguan.

I also want you to know that I highly value the service you have provided for me, both as my mechanic and a friend. I have always trusted you to be fair and honest with me. I know that you don't service Volkswagens. Although Volkswagen does provide free maintenance for three years, I hope you will continue to let me pay you to check my new car at times, especially before I leave for a trip.

Thank you Greg for taking such good care of my RAV 4 the past ten years!

Debbie Garriga

Just wanted to respond and say thank you for diagnosing and fixing the problem with the Toyota. You guys were the only ones that could figure it out and we really appreciate it. The truck starts, idles, and runs like new even with 120,000 miles on it. Thank you again, we'll be bringing our trucks to you for any and all future repairs.

Jay Simmons
Thank you for your great service over the years. You are the best mechanic I have ever had, and I've been driving a long time. Thank you for your message last week. The Maxima is running fine, I'm sure it will handle the 6,000 mile road trip. Thanks again.

Julie Joyce
Thought I'd write to thank you for your honest, reliable, and good skills when you serviced my truck 1 month ago. The car is running great and you actually did everything I paid for (unlike the dealer) I have given your name to several people. I know that you probably hear about complaints and negative comments from others but rarely hear about the good. So I'm writing to say thanks for a job well done.

Kathy Howard
Thank you so much for fixing my car today. I was really scarred to drive it with that noise.
I know you were busy and had customers waiting but you still took time to do it.

I really appreciate how kind and generous you've been to me. Thanks again!

Silvana Raspudic
I took my 2006 xB in to Greg because he's close to my house and was referred on the Car Talk web site. When I got there, he looked at it and said he could do it for about $40. WOW! Sounds good to me. Without going into the whole thing, there are a few things I can point to that say "good mechanic" and "good guy." 1) He looked me in the eye and shook my hand when I got there. 2) He was disappointed because the OEM hangers weren't quite right and the exhaust wasn't perfectly centered, but 3) he didn't just correct the hangers and potentially void my warranty to be perfect, he asked me to look into it first and said he'd fix it if either I wanted him to or if I found out that manufacturer says it's ok. In the end, he charged me $8 below his quote (total $34) and said he'd fix the exhaust hanger to be perfect if I wanted him to or if I hear from manufacturer that it's ok. I will definitely be back to see him.
I was interested in buying a pickup in LA while I live northof Seattle. Greg checked it out; test drove it and didn't charge me a nickel.On his advice, I bought the vehicle and his assessment was completelyaccurate...a rarity in modern day America. Thanks, Greg.
When I arrived a few days after talking to Greg on the phone, he was waiting for me at the appointed time, list in hand of possible problems I had mentioned in our chat. Instead of just automatically fixing what I thought might be problems--like every other mechanic I've known--he spent over on hour with my Toyota Avalon, behind the wheel driving and listening, under the hood checking liquid levels and pinching hoses and even lifted the car up on the hydraulic arms to checked out the underbelly poking his flashlight up inside. The car was fine, he told me. The noise I heard in the alternator was normal. And, what did I owe him for his time and diagnosis? Nothing, nada. My goodness! That rarest of breeds: an honest mechanic. When my car does need repairs, or I think it might, for sure I'm going back to Greg. Highly recommended.
Greg is extremely friendly and takes the time to explain precisely what is wrong with your car and what it will take to fix it. He'll make recommendations based on what you SHOULD do, not on what he wants to make that day. Greg inspired trust in me from the first few minutes of talking to him, and that's not easy to do. I intend to be a long-time customer.
Greg cares more for your car than you could ever...Greg is the owner and oversees all the mechanical work. He once worked only on Toyota/Lexus and Nissan/Infiniti brands but now he also takes care of my Chevy Tahoe since acquiring GM trained mechanics.
Thanks for many years of excellent service, care and advice.

The latest brake job is excellent. I think you used the same pads as last time. Maybe it's my imagination, but these brakes seem like the best I've ever had on any of my trucks.

I posted a 5-star rating and short comment on Google a bit ago and would like you to have the following to post on your web-site, if you choose.

Steve M
I was introduced to Greg Brown, Beach Auto Service in 2006, when I moved from the South Bay to Huntington Beach.

Greg and his crew of top-notch technicians have serviced my vehicles ever since. I'm a high-mileage vehicle user, about 30K a year, so I really count on my truck to always be in top-notch, safe condition.

In all my years of using Beach Auto, I've always gotten service and work done at a fair price, with the highest quality workmanship and parts, and, with excellent follow-up.

How many shops take the time to call you a week or two after performing work on your vehicle, such as a brake job, to see if everything is working right and that you are satisfied? Greg does this regularly.

I'm glad to recommend Greg. If you are struggling to find an open, honest, high quality shop…look no further.

Steve M.

Thank you Greg!

You have always pulled through for me on every last minute request. Much appreciated!

Your satisfied customer & good friend

Steve Nemoseck
As you could tell, many of our participants have had a "bad experience or two" with this car and/ or mechanic. They were happy to have someone honest to call.

Thanks again Greg. You are a good and kindly man!

Susan Edwards
Hi Greg - I just posted a review on Yelp. I'm embarrassed that all these years of going to you and just now I'm writing a review, sigh.

Anyway I wanted to point out that when i was searching for you on Yelp I had to search several times and even at the end I had to type in the name of your business to finally find you. I suspect because you have so many auto repair places near you and the fact that many of them have a lot more reviews that you didn't show up unless I zoomed in on the map very close to your area.

So you might want to suggest your loyal and happy customers take a moment to enter a review so you are more likely to show up on broad searches.

Take care, Terry

Thanks for asking. The brakes are working great!

Also, after much discussion with Pep Boys concerning the previous brake job, they refunded the full price tonight, the pads and labor. The manager wouldn't even look at my rotors I brought in with the hammer marks. He wouldn't even open it up for discussion. Nice huh.

Anyway, we were very pleased with our experience with Beach Auto and will recommend you whenever we can.


Dean & Allison